Stop smoking and drink alcohol

Assign a point to a person

You can not handle all contacts with the hospital and

Eat well and exercise

It is vital to understand that the more attention you

Start deep breathing exercises

Several studies have shown that deep breathing exercises before surgery

Important Prevention

You should stop smoking and drinking between two and three

The moment we hear that we need heart surgery


No matter how much miracle, the moment we hear that we need heart surgery, it scares most of us. But before despairing, you must learn that it is quite natural to undergo this surgery and that your doctors are sufficiently trained to face all the complications that may occur.


Looking for a second opinion

Paradoxically, the second opinion is the first step, but it is important to reconsider your decisions regarding doctors and hospitals before any other step, as long as you still have an opportunity. If money is still a problem for you, you will not have to make concessions on quality, but you can go to countries to get cheaper treatment costs. You can find the best heart surgery hospitals in India that offer a more affordable treatment. The cardiac surgery hospitals here are well equipped with advanced techniques to achieve precision in the treatment. Also, second opinions are also necessary to trust your choice of treatment.

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Finally, you must have a will or a health care agent, and create and provide the medical center with a copy of the relevant documents. Also, make sure the hospital has a reliable emergency name and contact number in case of any error.